E-Typer Roadster Part I


A Flat Floor Series I Jaguar E-Type was delivered to the shop several weeks ago. From all external appearances, it looked like a nice car, but on closer inspection, there were some problems.


The floors were replaced by a previous shop, but were brazed in place, and not very well at that. Brazing is a process where metal is heated and joined by a filler rod made of a material with a lower melting temperature like brass. Think of soldering but instead of using lead/tin, brass is the filler material. The problem with this method is it fuses metal together with the filler material instead of melting the joining base material. Welding creates a much stronger bond, and when done right, makes for a more permanent repair. Since the E-type has a unitized body, the stronger welds will also preserve the structural integrity of the car. The Panel Shop is installing new floors by welding them in place, and removing the old work.


New cross members were also fabricated and welded in place to further restore strength in the floor of this car.