1947 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith


A 1947 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith is in the shop for some major metal and wood work.


A lot of the ash frame members have rotted away, and previous repairs tried to patch some of the rot. The problem was the rotted wood required some of the aluminum panels to be removed to properly fix the wood support, and the previous repair didn’t want to go that far into the substructure.


Cutting out this piece to expose the door’s support structure allows for a better repair and not a patch of wood that should really be replaced.


The Silver Wraith has a large running board that ties into the front fender section, and has already been roughly fabricated. This will be attached when the rocker section is repaired, and the front fender is hung.


Repairs were also made to the front fenders, grafting aluminum to the original fender where there was corrosion.