Ferrari 365GTC/4 Front Bumper


A Ferrari GTC/4 front bumper was originally made of black rubber covered foam. Over time, this cover would get wavy and deteriorate. Unfortunately, the replacement parts are no longer available, and the reproduction fiberglass copies do not fit too well.


The owner of this GTC/4 has decided to have The Panel Shop make a new bumper out of aluminum. Since it was going to take a lot of hours fitting a fiberglass bumper to this car, making this piece out of aluminum that fit the steel body perfectly was a logical decision. The first step was to make a mounting point for the custom bumper.


The four fabricated pieces will be welded together when everything fits, and attached to the mounting plate.

Some C/4 owners have chosen to paint their rubber bumpers body color, and with this one made of aluminum, should be easier to paint whatever the owner wants.